Jamaica Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons at Villas Sur Mer, Negril.

Destination weddings at Villas Sur Mer.

Destination weddings at Villas Sur Mer.

Destination weddings and honeymoons? What is a “destination wedding?”

If you were to search the Google engine with the question; “Define Destination Wedding.” the answer you would get is this. A destination weddings is a ceremony that is held at least 100 miles from where you live.

OK, that’s fantastic if you live somewhere exotic to start with, 100 miles in the Bahamas and Caribbean will get you any number of dream destinations but what if you live in the UK, Ireland, eastern Europe etc.

100 miles will get you another pile of cold weather and the probability of rain.

For this reason, more than any other, people choose to make their vows as far from home as possible and if they can afford it, somewhere with blue skies and warm weather.

If there is a beautiful blue sea thrown in then hey, that’s the very wedding they are looking for.

Destination weddings at Villas Sur Mer

Villas Sur Mer, located overlooking the cliffs at Negril in Jamaica can offer any couples and their families the very best in destination weddings, honeymoons and celebrations.

A backdrop of Negril cliffs that are breathtaking and a photographers dream.

A quick look on the Villas Sur Mer website under “weddings” will give you the basic information you need. For instance; You can hold a wedding reception for up to 150 guests seated at the seaside villa or 50 people seated by the waterfall pool. Both are beautiful locations.

Likewise, the same page offers you a variety of destination weddings packages, from standard, to super deluxe packages, you can choose whichever suites you best.

The Villas Sur Mer staff are on hand to help you through the whole process, they are trained and ready to make your day perfect, you don’t have to worry about a thing, we will make the day a reception to remember.

Other Services

On that same page you will find under the banner heading “Wedding Services” a host of other wedding related services, such as Wedding Photographers, Stag and Hen  parties, Vow Renewals, Wedding planning and reception planning.

Anything and everything you need, villas Sur Mer can provide and at the very best price and quality of service.

Please contact at any time if you would like us to help you with your dream destination wedding.


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