Jamaica Private Villas

Jamaica Private Villas – Private Luxury Villas in Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica private villas; It’s everybody’s dream vacation; Their own private luxury villas right next to the clear blue Caribbean sea.

If you offered somebody the perfect holiday vacation in Jamaica, that is exactly what they would ask for, and, guess what?

I know the very place that has the best in Jamaica luxury villas right next to the clear blue Caribbean sea.

Villas Sur Mer overlooks the cliffs at Negril on the westernmost tip of the beautiful island of Jamaica and offers you the chance to take your vacation in their deluxe private villas. These properties need to be seen to be appreciated.

Deluxe Jamaica Private Villas

jamaica private villaVillas Sur Mer, a boutique resort in Negril, Jamaica, have recently upgraded their private villas from “Luxury” to “Deluxe” and every aspect of the seafront properties have been carefully upgraded.

This upgrade has been done with an eye for comfort, beautiful views and the very best in deluxe accommodation .

The private deluxe villas are 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a beautiful state of the art kitchen. There is a family TV /Room, dining area and even an home office.

There is a menu provided for you to choose your meals from, prepared by our own staff in your kitchen, this will be served to you inside or outside on a deck overlooking the Caribbean sea, its your choice.

If this sounds good to you, then take a look at our main Villas Sur Mer website for this and other fantastic holiday villas. Private Seaside Luxury Villas Jamaica.

Alternately, you can contact Villas Sur Mer with any questions you may have concerning the accommodation, services available, prices or any other questions you may have, we will be only too glad to hear from you.


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