Public Holidays Jamaica 2017

Public Holidays Jamaica 2017 Jamaica is a great place to visit for a vacation but it doesn’t need to end there! Jamaica public holidays are also a great time to visit. Jamaica has lots to offer all the year round, from New years eve to new years eve...

Snorkelling Negril Jamaica

Negril is the very best place to Snorkel in Jamaica   I know a lot of people who choose their holiday destinations for the snorkelling or scuba diving, I suppose if that is your sport or hobby then, why not? Jamaica is one of the best places in the world...

Negril Local Attractions

Negril – What to do and where to go. There are endless possibilities for entertaining yourself when you stay at Villas Sur Mer in Negril. Negril is in the ideal place for you to use as a base and discover what the island of Jamaica has to offer the...

Jamaica Bush Tea Benefits

Jamaica Bush Tea; Medicinal teas made from “bush tea” that can cure all sorts of ailments? Is this possible? Jamaican Cerasee Tea or as it is more popularly known “Jamaica Bush Tea” is an herbal tea that is believed to have blood purifying...

Negril Jamaica Birdwatching

Negril Jamaica Birdwatching – The best Birder vacation of all Negril is the ideal location for birdwatching or birding  enthusiasts as there are some spectacular birds to be seen in this, a beautiful part of Jamaica. The difference between Birding ...

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