Jamaica Villas in Negril – What’s in a name?

Negril in Westmoreland/hanover Jamaica
The cliffs at Negril, Jamaica. People jump off them!

“How come the place is called Negril?” That is one often asked question. ‘Negril’ is a lovely name for a place. If you come and visit us in Negril, you will see it is well named.

Have you ever read something and thought “Well, I never knew that!” I have and on a daily basis as well. Working on this Jamaica Villas Blog and announcing to the reading world about Negril and Villas Sur Mer I thought I knew pretty much everything about the place but, as it transpires, I don’t, I know very little.

Anyone reading this Blog would know that I trawl the Internet for items of interest for anyone staying at Villas Sur Mer in Negril and often I stumble on websites that are useful to me, well, I came upon Visit Jamaica.com and under the sections “Things to know” I read the following item of information:


Negril, a shortened version of “Negrillo”, meaning ‘little black ones’, was named by the Spanish in 1494. There are two theories as to how it got its name: Firstly, the black cliffs south of the village, and secondly, the large amount of black eels along Negril’s coast.”

I’m not too sure about that. I know that in the Spanish language “Negrillo” would refer to a small black person for my money’s worth, I would suggest Negrillo refers to the tree Alamo Negro, there are varieties in Jamaica and no doubt, there are some in Negril.

I don’t buy the “little Black eels” theory as they are “Anguilas”  and the black cliffs? No, I don’t go for that either as they are Acantilados! I’m going for the tree theory, if I’m wrong, I’m sure you will let me know.

Never mind, there is plenty more items of interest on that site that would prove useful to any visitor to Villas Sur Mer. Take a look for yourself:Visit Jamaica.com

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