Jamaica Villas Negril

Jamaica Villas at Negril

Villas Sur Mer is located in the town of Negril which sits proudly on the westernmost tip of the island of Jamaica, pointing directly to the Cayman Islands.  The town gets its name from the Spanish “Negrillo or Negrillos” (Little Black ones) and it was named by the Spaniards in 1494, most likely as a reference to the black cliffs that face south of the village.

Another theory to the name is that the area was called Anguila Negra (Black Eel) because of the vast amount of small black eels that populated the waters, this they say was then shortened to “Negril”

Whatever the reason, Negril is a great name for anywhere. If you would like the complete history of the town of Ngeril, I would go and visit the Wikipedia site. Wiki

Beautiful Beaches

Negril has everything you would need for a Jamaica vacation and especially if you love a great beach! Negril has the best there is.

Seven Mile beach, has plenty to keep you occupied, there are bars, restaurants and shops as well as some of the biggest names in holiday resorts, including the all-inclusive types.

Long Bay leads you out into a lagoon that is edged with coral reefs, this makes it an absolute delight for people who like to go scuba diving or snorkeling, there are a myriad of tropical fish to see.

Negril Lighthouse

Negril Lighthouse is another popular place for tourists to visit. Built in 1894, 1.5 miles south-south-east of the westernmost tip of Jamaica by a company of Frenchmen with a charming name of Bubbler & Bernard.

Negril Lighthouse is unique inasmuch as it is an early example of concrete constructed lighthouses. Be sure to take your camera as there are some excellent views.

Top Ten things to do

Now, according to TripAdvisor, there is a list of things that a tourist should see and do when visiting Negril. Some are quite obvious, other not so much.

Seven Mile Beach, Negril Cliffs, Mayfield falls are in the top ten but so are Taxis and Shuttles, like Rocky’s Taxi and Tour Services, along with a list of others. Let someone else do the driving while you relax and take in the sights.

There are city tours, beaches, coves and islands, one with a rather interesting name “Booby Cay Island” I’ll leave you to look that one up yourself.

Whatever you decide to do when you stay at Villas Sur Mer boutique resort, there is plenty of variety to keep you occupied, and if you don’t fancy any of that, just relax around the pool and take in the sea air, its your holiday, your choice.

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