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Sandals Jamaica to hold Olympic style Games for Staff Teams

Sandals Jamaica? OK, you would not normally see one Jamaica Villas company writing about the staff of another company but this is a bit different.

Sandals of Jamaica are a massive company, they have beach resorts here in Negril and in other parts of Jamaica and they are competition of sorts when it comes to offering Jamaica villa holidays, so, you would think that we would keep quiet about them.

No such thing. Competition is nothing to be afraid of to Villas Sur Mer, we rise to the challenge, time and again.

The Sandals Teams Sports

So, in that brilliant periodical, the Jamaica Gleaner, there is a front page story about Sandals Holidays placing their staff into randomly selected teams to compete in a series of sports.

These sports will include Netball, Vollyball, Table Tennis, Quiz competitions and endurance competitions.

These are to be called the “Procurement Olympics” and are held in April. Some people are hoping this will catch on and spread to other companies.

Acting Custos of Montego Bay Claudette Bryan brought greetings at the launch of the games recently at the division’s headquarters in Ironshore, St James.

She commended the event’s organisers as she encouraged all team members to actively participate.

She also urged more companies to host similar activities to promote health, wellness and team spirit.”

Jeremy Jones, SRI’s director opened the games whilst emphasising the importance of team building and the well being of the staff.

“Events like this have the company’s full support and endorsement,” he said.

This promises to not only be a month of exciting competition, but also a time for us to come together as team members and get to know each other better, even while we engage in some friendly rivalry.

Well, we wish them all the very best with this and we are more than happy to spread the word.

if it came to a competition for Jamaica Villas holidays and customer care, we at Villas Sur Mer would be the Usain Bolt of the staff games. We are sure of that.

Check out the full article from here.

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