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Jamaica ObserverOne of the great pleasures of the Internet in the availability of the Jamaica Observer online edition.

The Jamaica Observer is famous throughout the Caribbean and is a well respected journal.

Keeping up with the news is essential, not just to the people who live and work in Jamaica but also to visitors, after all, we all like to know what’s going on, don’t we?

Western News

One article in the Jamaica Observer caught my eye right away, this was the article on the Montego Bay Convention Centre winning a sixth consecutive World Travel Award.

The article went on to tell me that MBCC had won the very esteemed World Travel Award for ‘Caribbeans leading meeting and Convention centre’ category.

The award was received by Dittie Guise, Montego Bay Convention Centre manager at the Sandals Ochi Beach Resort.

Dittie said “We are overwhelmingly pleased and excited at receiving this prestigious award for the sixth time.

She went on to point out that the award has greater significance as the Montego Bay Convention Centre is having one of its best years yet.

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You can read the full article on the Jamaica Observer website from this Link.

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