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Destination weddings 2018 Jamaica Villas

Destination weddings 2018? A “destination wedding” is a wedding ceremony that takes place more than 100 miles from your home location. It’s a sort of vacation, wedding and honeymoon all rolled into one.
Destination weddings have become ever more popular with the availability of decently priced air fares and better international connections.
People are no longer content with the black limo, white dress and knees up in the local village hall. Couples nowadays want something a little different, more exotic.

Destination Hen Parties

I suppose it all starts off with the “hen Party” you know, where a gang of females are let loose on the unsuspecting public to wreak havoc before settling down to wedded bliss.
Like a destination wedding, a destination hen party can be just as much fun and the further from home, the better.
Villas Sur Mer on the cliffs at Negril in Jamaica is the ideal place for a destination hen party, destination wedding, honeymoon and vacation.

Destination weddings 2018 Negril, Jamaica

Wedding days are fantastic events; we love them at Villas Sur Mer. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you have made somebody’s day “just perfect”.

Villas Sur Mer has the luxury villas, the best backdrop to a wedding anywhere, with the Caribbean Sea and the dramatic cliffs at Negril, photographs don’t turn out any better than this.

We have the facilities to host a destination wedding as well as other corporate type of events. We also have the staff that are trained, experienced and dedicated to producing top results every single time.

Why should you worry about the big day or the big event? You’re supposed to be the one who is enjoying the day. Let us do the worrying for you, let us take the stress and strain out of the day.

We thrive on it, we see presenting the perfect wedding as a professional challenge.

What is the first step to a great wedding?

Contact us at Villas Sur Mer and we will be happy to talk you through the whole process of a destination wedding, honeymoon, reunion or corporate event.

Our staffs are at hand and ready to assist you, we will be more than happy to enjoy your big day with you. Contact Villas Sur Mer today.

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