Destination Weddings Jamaica 2019

People are heading to Jamaica for Destination Weddings 2019

Destination weddings? Destination honeymoons? What are they exactly? Well, if you have never heard of a destination wedding or destination honeymoon then they are destination as;

What is a Jamaica destination wedding?
destination wedding is defined as marrying just 100 or more miles from where the bride currently lives. You also take along your family and friends, it’s like a normal wedding in a very exotic place, like Jamaica, for instance.
What is a destination Honeymoon?
As above, you have your wedding and honeymoon 100 miles or so away from the brides home. Along come the relatives and friends as well. Its something different, something special.

Destination Weddings 2019

Destination weddings 2019 begin now! If you are thinking of having your wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica and in Negril in particular, then our advice is to book now. Don’t wait until the new year arrives, it could be too late by then.

Check out our villas and cottages in Negril, we have the staff and the facilities to host the most perfect of all destination weddings and honeymoons. You would have the Negril cliffs and the beautiful Caribbean Sea as backdrops for your wedding photographs.

Our staff are experienced in producing the best destination weddings and that would leave you free to enjoy the big day and your honeymoon knowing things are being taken care of.

Please check through our main website and get in touch if you need help or advice, we are here to help you.

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