Jamaica Tourism 2017

Jamaica Tourism 2017 – How popular is Jamaica for tourists?

Jamaica tourism - Edmund Bartlett

Jamaica tourism in 2017 is going to eclipse anything that has gone before. There is only one real way to gauge the popularity of any destination when it comes to tourism and that is by doing a head count.
2017 is expected to be a bumper year for tourism to Jamaica and, so we are told, there is expected to be 4.2 million tourists arriving on the island.

The tourism minister, Edmund Bartlett has predicted that the 2016 figure of 3, 84 million people visiting Jamaica will be surpassed and with some degree of comfort.

“So you know what that means. It means 4.2 million opportunities for income generating and earning. More consumption in the Jamaican space translates into more opportunity for jobs,” the minister has said.
Why is Jamaica so popular with tourists?

Minister Bartlett was official opening of the fourth staging of the Tourism Linkages Speed Network at the Hilton Rose Hall Hotel and Spa in Montego Bay on Wednesday.

This event has developed year on year and looks to get stronger all the time. However, Chairman of the Tourism Linkages Network Adam Stewart has challenged stakeholders to make the event even bigger and more “in your face”.

Jamaica has everything any tourist wants, plenty of sunshine, beautiful Caribbean seas and golden sands that is just the start.

The people themselves are a great attraction, the culture, history and most certainly their enthusiasm for live all goes to make Jamaica the place to visit.

Negril and tourism

Negril is a great attraction for anyone who visits Jamaica. Villas Sur Mer is more than aware of the potential of Negril, not only is it a beautiful place to have a vacation, it also allows you the options of discovering all that Jamaica has to offer.

Close to Montego Bay and the International airport, Negril has great connections to all parts of Jamaica; so, you can see Kingston, Spanish Town, and Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, James Bond Beach, The Pelican Bar, Bob Marley museum and everything else this exciting island state has to offer.

At Villas Sur Mer we are ready to our part for Jamaican tourism by offering you the top quality accommodation in the most romantic settings. Come and stay with us and see for yourself.

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