Jamaica Vacations 2020

Jamaica Destination weddings and honeymoons 2020 – book now!

Jamaica Vacations 2020? Destination weddings and honeymoons 2020? It’s a bit early, isn’t it?

No! It’s not too early to book your accommodation in Negril. Many people make the mistake of leaving their vacation bookings to the last minute. Often these people are disappointed.

Negril in Jamaica is a sensational place for a vacation, it has everything you need, right on the doorstep. Villas Sur Mer, a boutique resort also has everything you need.

Destination weddings and honeymoons 2020

Many coupleshttps://forestofdeanlodges.co.uk choose Jamaica for their destination weddings and honeymoons. In case you don’t know what a ‘destination wedding’ is; it is, loosely speaking, a wedding that is held more than 100 miles from the place of residence. Although some people go to extremes and head for a different continent.

Negril has the most amazing photogenic backdrop for any wedding photographs. The Negril cliffs and the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Villas Sur Mer has the staff, location, accommodation and contacts to host the perfect destination wedding and honeymoon. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction.

Jamaica Vacations 2020

Deluxe seaside villas and cottages are available, not just for vacation but for family reunions, weddings, honeymoons and corporate events.

Book now and get the villas or cottages that you want and the dates you want. For more information, please contact Villas Sur Mer directly and we will be delighted to help.

If you require help to make a reservation or help and advice for your destination wedding and honeymoon or corporate events, we are ready and willing to help all we can.

Be sure to read through our main website pages for villas, cottages, special offers and, of course, weddings, honeymoons and vacations.

You will be surprised and delighted at what is on offer at Villas Sur Mer.

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