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Easter Traditions in Jamaica – Jamaica Villa vacations Easter 2017

Easter is a great time to get away and get some sun, sea and sand and nowhere in the world is better than Jamaica for a long or short term vacation or break.

After the new year celebrations have past and we are well into the year, our thoughts often turn to warmer climates, sand and blue skies, especially if you live in northern Europe where the weather is not exactly sunbathing weather.

Jamaica Villas over the festive period are a fantastic idea, after all, what would you rather be doing, wrapping up warmly to go Egg hunting or wearing a pair of shorts and a vest and Egg hunt? Exactly!!

You can rent a deluxe Jamaica Cottage from Villas Sur Mer at Negril and have a brilliant time, in comfort and in style.

Easter in Jamaica

As far as anyone knows, Easter came to Jamaica with Christopher Columbus in 1494, prior to that, the Tainos (Arawaks) and Caribs from South America and Ciboneys from North America, peoples who had settled around what would later become the Caribbean and the Bahamas as early as 650, they most likely never knew of Christianity.

Roman Catholicism was the first form of Christianity to be introduced in the Caribbean, according to Cape Sociology, arriving as early as 1493 with the Spanish Conquistadores who explored and settled Caribbean islands.

Protestantism came later, in the early 1620s, when British explorers arrived in the region.

Here is an excellent article about the arrival of Christianity in the Americas, dating from 1493, the year after the arrivals of Columbus in 1492.

Buns and Cheese

Easter is preceded by Lent 40 days of fasting and depriving oneself of the finer things in life, such as alcohol, meat and other things we indulge in on a daily or weekly basis. So when Lent is done with, its time to party.

Bun and Cheese are the favourites for most Jamaicans at this time of year and the supermarkets will be stockpiled with all types and sizes  of Easter buns and cheeses and if you visiting anyone, make sure you don’t turn up empty handed.

Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Monday are celebrated more or less the same as any Christian culture but in Jamaica, Easter Monday is beach day, kite flying, BBQ, flower shows and other events and generally a lighter mood than Friday and Sunday.

Then there is Carnival week, which, unlike other places that have a carnival, Jamaica Carnival, inaugurated in 1990 by musician Byron Lee actually starts on Easter Sunday.

Jamaica villas allow you to celebrate Easter where, when and how you like. If you want to sit by the pool and do nothing, no problem.

Check out the Villas Sur Mer website for Deluxe Villas and Seaside Cottages and take an Easter break to remember.

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