Jamaica Villa Holiday Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019  in Jamaica Seaside Villas – Do you fancy something special for the holiday season Christmas Holidays 2019?

Jamaica villas Christmas 2016 holidays

Most of us tend to have the “traditional” Christmas; you know what I’m talking about, woolly jumper with the Santa and snow scene on, great big Christmas tree full of gaudy baubles and decorations, too many presents and a great big feast with a great big turkey as the star of the show.

This is normally followed by a long sleep in the armchair and watching the TV. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

Some people go elsewhere for Christmas; they may book into a hotel, guesthouse or just visit relatives. Yet again, there is nothing wrong with that type of Christmas, if that is what you like to do.

Others, they like to get well away for Christmas, they are the people that prefer sunshine, sea and sand.

It is to those people I would like to address this article, if I may?

Jamaica Villas for Christmas 2019

Villas Sur Mer love to see people visit during the holiday period and we have the very best in seaside villas that will help your Christmas go with a swing. I can think of nothing better than Christmas in Negril in Jamaica.

Sun, sea and sand along with a beautiful seaside villa that offers you views of the Caribbean Sea and the Negril Cliffs. You will spend your Christmas 2018 in comfort; let our staff look after you whilst you enjoy a Christmas to remember.

Negril is the most laid back place to be and there is plenty for you to see and do, unless you just want to relax by the pool and enjoy being in Jamaica.

Please contact Villas Sur Mer for more details of our seaside villas for Christmas 2019, our people will be glad to hear from you.

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