Jamaica Villas Tourist Attractions

Jamaica Villas Tourist Attractions – The Top 16 most visited attractions in Jamaica

Jamaica Villas tourist attractions - Rafting the Martha Brae River

Rafting on the Martha Brae River. Just one of the many attractions for you in Jamaica.

Tourist attractions in Jamaica are many and varied. For such a small island nation, Jamaica has so much for you to see and do on your Jamaica vacation.

I don’t know about you but I like to swat up on the places I intend to visit. I don’t like to go somewhere without knowing exactly what it has to offer. Why waste your holiday time looking for places to go and things to do? that’s what the works computer is for, isn’t it?

Jamaica Tourist attractions

Keeping to the “saving time by swatting” theme; I have found a great website, as I so often do, which lists the 16 top places people visited in Jamaica. Can you guess what is top of the list? Negril.

The website is called http://www.planetware.com and it is well worth you taking the time to flick through the pages, not just for Jamaica but for other places as well. But, being it is Jamaica we are most concerned with, here is the link in question.

The website is great. It has some lovely big pictures of people doing things and places you can go and see. Negril Cliffs and Seven Mile Beach are listed at the top. There is also a good text description of each item. Dunn’s River Falls, Rafting on the Martha Brae River, Port Antonio, Blue Mountains and more.

This is a must read website if you are coming to visit Jamaica, it will save you time. The site will also give you some great holiday ideas.

If that isn’t enough for you. Villas Sur Mer Boutique Resort in Negril, that’s us, don’t you know, we have plenty of information available for you. Villas Sur Mer also has the staff with local knowledge, we can help you plan your Jamaica villa holiday.

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