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Jamaica Villas – Boutique Resort Villas in Jamaica

Jamaica Villas come in all shapes, sizes and locations. Because Jamaica is such a much sought after holiday destination, competition is hard, when it comes to providing top class holiday accommodation.

There are villas in all the great locations on this island nation. Some of the places you will know off by heart. Villas in Montego Bay, Mammee Bay, Ocho Rios and other places are well supported. Negril, the home of Villas Sur Mer is another much sought after location.

Its for this reason that Villas Sur Mer maintain a high quality of service. Our Boutique Resort is second to none and, although smaller than the likes of Sandals, we still offer you the high standard of service and quality that you find at Sandals and other large resorts.

Jamaica Villas for Weddings

Destination weddings to Jamaica are very popular. People in their thousands flock to the Caribbean for a destination wedding or honeymoon. And why not? Jamaica has everything a destination wedding and honeymoon calls for.

Exotic location; Negril has the  dramatic Negril cliffs and views of the Caribbean Sea. This makes for a fantastic backdrop to and wedding photograph. Montego Bay airport is close by, so, you are not wasting precious holiday time with connections. 7 mile beach, Negril Lighthouse and other great sites are close by.

There is of course, the obvious, sun, sea and sand. Clear blue skies and crystal clear waters along with great stretches of white sand, these are what people travel halfway around the world for.

Top Class Accommodation. The villas and seaside cottages at Villas Sur Mer are second to none. Our staff maintain our villas and cottages to the very highest standard. A destination wedding or honeymoon in our boutique resort is both great quality of service and great value.

Professional Staff and Services. We pride ourselves on the service we provide. There are no Jamaica Villas, destination weddings and honeymoons or vacation providers in Jamaica that take as much care in selection of staff as Villas Sur Mer.

If it is a destination wedding and honeymoon, family reunion or corporate event, we have the trained and dedicated staff to make sure everything is perfect.

There is plenty of choice of Jamaica Villas and destination weddings and we want you to choose Villas Sur Mer. Check out our main website pages and see what we have to offer you.

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