Jamaica Weddings Planning

Jamaica Weddings Planning

When we think of destination weddings, we begin to make up a list of where we should go or rather where we really would like to go, if we could afford it.
There is more to destination weddings than just having your wedding service in a beautiful and windswept location, surrounded family and friends and a good photographer.

Wedding Planning

This is where the staff of Villas Sur Mer come in. We are experts at wedding planning and we don’t need a party of 200 or more to produce a memorable occasion.

Sur Mer staff can produce a fantastic and memorable day with the happy couple and a witness or two. We can work wonders and you would be in the hands of real professionals. Check us out first.

Reception Planning

This is usually one of the most stressful parts of any wedding, not just a destination wedding because there are so many variables that you have to deal with.

Small things that can go wrong can often take the shine off a great wedding and you will kick yourself for forgetting the minor details but its not your fault, weddings are not easy to plan.

We on the other hand, we love weddings, we love the receptions as well. Villas Sur Mer staff can produce the reception of your dreams and take the whole stress out of the planning.

After all, we have produce many great weddings, large and small and we know off by heart what is needed. Talk to us, see what we can do for you.

Before you even get to the alter, there is one thing that has to be done and that is the Hen Night / Stag Night or as we would rather call them “Bachelors or bachelorette parties“.

Yes, you guessed it, Villas Sur Mer can also arrange these as well. Going out in style is the order of the day and we can make sure your last night of freedom is a happy and memorable occasion.

In fact, we are involved in all aspects of the art of weddings, honeymoons, receptions, vow renewals and anything and everything to do with
the biggest day of a persons life.

Contact us and see how we can arrange for you to have the best day of your life.

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