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Jamaican Food is a very misunderstood cuisine, well, I think that it is.

If you were to ask the average person to name 10 Jamaican food dishes, I think they would struggle, especially if  they have never been on vacation to the Caribbean.

I think that maybe Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork would get mentioned, this is because now that ‘Street Food’ stalls have shot up all over the world and travel programme’s  often feature these stalls in their content.

For instance; I saw a cookery show on the BBC which featured Levi Roots (Musician / Chef / TV personality born in Claredon Parish, Jamaica) and he was cooking some Jerk food and was using several Scotch Bonnet chilies.

That’s what a lot of people think Jamaican food is all about; Hot! Hot! Hot! and of course, a generous amount of rum.

The real Jamaica Food

Jamaican food. Mango chicken, bean and rice bakeIn my search for culinary enlightenment, I came upon a fantastic website bbcgoodfood.com/caribbean.

This excellent BBC website listed some fantastic and wonderful Jamaica dishes, such as Caribbean Beef Patties,  Sticky Jerk Salmon with mango slaw, Goat Curry, Reggae-Reggae Nachos, Coconut and Bean soup and lots more.

Its not just Jamaican food but the Caribbean as a whole, they also cater for vegetarians as well. OK, the Jerk cuisine is well represented but so are the other great, colourful, flavoursome dishes you are likely to find on your Jamaica vacation.

Where to find the best Jamaica food in Negril?

Now, that really is a hard question, it depends on your taste buds, I suppose. However; I often you the old adage that if the local people eat there, then, it has to be good.

Nobody eats in a bad diner or restaurant, that is a fact, also, nobody will keep a good restaurant a secret, come to think of it, the bad ones will also get a mention.

I have decided to help out on this occasion, I have searched the web and come up with a couple of websites that have taken the time to list the best places to eat in Negril.

One site is part of the Lonely Planet website. This is an excellent travel website that offers you lots of good, reliable information, this page will take you to the Negril food stop off’s page.

The other website is an old favourite of everyone’s, TripAdvisor.com, the page labeled “The Ten Best Restaurants in Negril” Link 

This is a great website because it is written by people who have visited Jamaica, stayed at the hotels in Negril, Montego Bay and other places and have sampled the dishes at many restaurants.

This, I think, is the most accurate account of the Jamaica food and where it is best eaten.

The restaurants featured have had thousands of reviews so you will get a really good idea of what the food is like, what the prices are and how popular it is. Check out this food website here.

Alternately, you could ask the staff at Villas Sur Mer when you book a Jamaica villa, they will know where is best to eat, being as they are local people and they have an eye for detail and quality.

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