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Negril entertainment. Things to do and places to visit in Negril

Sean Connery James Bond Beach.

“Sho, mish Urshela Andresh, you sheem shurprised to she me?” Smooth talking James Bond.

I suppose it is one of the big questions when you book your annual vacation to Jamaica; “What is there to do? What Negril entertainment can we expect?”.

Most people like to be out and about, seeing the sights, taking in the culture and enjoying whatever is on offer in the way of food, drink and entertainment. Villas Sur Mer clients are no different and will look for Negril entertainment and activities.

Other people, they like to relax by the pool or on the beach, they like to sit and read and generally take things easy.

The great thing about having your own luxury villas is that you can do all of these things and in your own time. You are not stuck with an itinerary that restricts where you go and what you do.

The Villas Sur Mer website has some excellent links to things on offer in Negril and further out, to help you plan your holiday in advance and give you something to look forward to.

What to do in Jamaica

Rick’s Cafe is one of the listed items that we recommend you visit, it is the place to be seen and a great place for the party people. Perched on the cliffs at Negril’s West End, you can watch the sun set (or stay all night and watch the sun rise!) and marvel st the cliff jumpers.

No! not that type of “cliff jumper”. People like to dive from the cliffs at Negril into the beautiful Caribbean sea, it is dangerous and people have been killed doing it, so, its better to watch the local people who entertain you with their many ways of jumping off a cliff. Fun to watch.

If you like to go touring then you are in the perfect place to use as a base. Villas Sur Mer is on the westernmost tip of Jamaica, so, all along the north coast you have places such as Ocho Rios and Dunne’s River Falls, James Bond Beach where they shot Dr No, Ian Fleming’s James Bond film.

Discovery Bay, Runaway Bay and a host of other great places to visit and that’s leaving out the big tourist hot spots like Kingston, Spanish Town and Port Antonio.

There is so much to see and do in Negril and in Jamaica in general that you will find it hard to squeeze everything in, so, plan well in advance.

There is one website in particular that will help you in your quest for the perfect Jamaica villa holiday and that is the Lonely Planet website page for “Things to do in Jamaica” it is well worth taking the time to visit this website.

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