Negril Jamaica Birdwatching

Negril Jamaica Birdwatching – The best Birder vacation of all

Negril Jamaica Birdwatching

Birds are plentiful in Jamaica and they are just as beautiful. See them all at Villas Sur Mer

Negril is the ideal location for birdwatching or birding  enthusiasts as there are some spectacular birds to be seen in this, a beautiful part of Jamaica.

The difference between Birding and Birdwatching?

There is actually a marked difference between ‘Birding‘ and ‘Birdwatching’. A ‘Birder’ is someone who braves the elements to catch a glimpse of a rare species of bird, where a ‘Birdwatcher‘ enjoys the experience via a comfy chair.

At Negril on the western tip of Jamaica, you can fall between rocks, so to speak, as you can go out and about to view these wild and exotic birds, or, you can sit around the pool at Villas Sur Mer and watch them fly past, and they really do.

Jamaica birdwatching has all the benefits of beautiful bird species, fantastic location, beautiful weather and the sun, sea and sand are a bonus.

What Species will I see?

There is a recorded figure of 300 separate species of bird seen over Jamaica, this is according to many are migrants from the USA, there are 100 plus local breeding species and about 25 to 30 endemics.

Endemic species, such as the Red-billed Streamertail are as as common as Sparrows are in London and you will see them in gardens everywhere, so, Villas Sur Mer should have plenty for you to see.

Other endemic birds, such as Jamaican Blackbird are less common as they tend to feed exclusively on bromeliads.

( Bromeliads are tropical plants or sub tropical plants that ahve short stems, large flowers and spiny leaves) but according to, you should still be able to see the Jamaica Blackbird within a few days of looking.

Jamaica Birding

There is an excellent website called Jamaica Birding who do tours for people who like to go birding.

Her, is a page for ‘Jamaica Endemics‘  and a tour around Jamaica’s IBA or International Bird Area, something very important to Jamaica.

I wouldn’t want to spoil your enjoyment of this great website so I will provide you with a link Jamaica Birding

If you want the very best out of your Jamaica villas vacation at Negril, then a tour to see the birds, flora and fauna is a great way to enjoy your stay.

Just imagine, a luxury villa overlooking the Caribbean sea and the Negril cliffs and as a bonus, some of the most beautiful birds on earth flying by.

Call Villas Sur Mer now and don’t miss out on a Jamaica birdwatching vacation that is the envy of the birding world.

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