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Negril Villas – Luxury villas in beautiful Negril, Westmoreland / Hanover Parishes

Negril in Westmoreland/hanover Jamaica

The cliffs at Negril, Jamaica.

Negril is a special place and for many reasons. Negril is a small town with a population of around 7000 souls, give or take a few.

The population of the town swells with the influx of the tourists who come for many reasons; Some people come for vacations, some for a destination wedding and honeymoon and some are passing through via the cruise ships.

No matter what reason people come to Negril for, they are seldom disappointed.

About the town of Negril

I mentioned that this was a special town and it is, Negril is spread over two Jamaica counties, those of Westmoreland and Hanover.

Getting here isn’t difficult; Once you’ve landed at the Sangster International airport and got your bags and car, its about 15 minutes easy drive to Negril and to Villas Sur Mer.

Westmoreland being the westernmost parish in Jamaica, we are located just south of the western tip of the nation island of Jamaica

Villas Sur Mer, the cliffs and downtown Negril are in the Westmoreland side of the parish and of course, the world famous 7 Mile Beach has its greater part here.

Hanover parish, to the north is the other half of Negril and the other part of 7 Mile Beach and the nearest town is called Savanaa-la-Mar, the capital of Westmoreland.

Little Black Ones; Where did Negril get its name?

The name “Negril” comes from the Spanish language meaning “Little Black ones” but this was a shortened version of the correct spelling of “Negrillo” and this is what it was named by the Spanish in 1494.

There is a long history to Negril and if you are coming to stay at the villas in Negril, its worth taking your time and checking out the past history of this beautiful location. Negril Wikipedia link.

Modern Negril

Times change, people change and of course, places do change but what hasn’t changed is the beautiful location of Negril, with the dramatic cliffs that have been photographed by countless thousands.

They are the backdrop to a myriad of weddings and honeymoons and have entertained countless thousand, many who what the young, brave and stupid jump off the cliffs into the Caribbean sea.

Villas Sur Mer are fortunate to be located in the prime position to take best advantage of these natural beautiful locations and they provide the scenery for a vacation to remember.

Come and visit Villas Sur Mer and enjoy a truly wonderful Jamaica vacation in 2017.

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