Sandals Jamaica Holidays

Sandals Jamaica Holidays. Is there an alternative?

Sandals Jamaica Holidays

Sandals Jamaica holidays? I think it is fair to say that everyone who has ever booked a holiday at one time or another has looked at Sandals Jamaica Holidays or any other larger company for that matter.

Sandals are, without doubt, one of the biggest holiday providers in the Caribbean and a myriad of other world destinations.

Sandals Holidays can make all sorts of holiday offers in the Caribbean due to their size and why not?

We at Villas Sur Mer take our hats off to them, fair play we say and that is because, although we are competitours, we are offering a different sort of Jamaica villas vacation package.

Villas Sur Mer versus Sandals Jamaica Holiodays

Villas Sur Mer is a boutique resort, we are smaller than Sandals and other larger holiday providers, we have a more intimate location, fewer villas and we cater for a different kind of vacation but we do share some things in common with Sandals.

Just like the larger companies, we provide the very best quality of service to all our guests, no matter the size of the holiday package chosen, if you are staying for one night you get the same high standards of service and accommodation as the guest staying for two or more weeks.

There is no compromise.

Like Sandals, we can provide you with a fantastic weddings and honeymoon package and run the whole reception and service with staff who are dedicated and qualified and who are also experienced in wedding reception and corporate events planning and execution.

Villas Sur Mer, like Sandals, can also offer you winter deals, summer special packages and special offers, you need only keep an eye on the main VSM website and grab the offers as they occur.

Size isn’t everything and we hope you will be kind enough to check out Villas Sur Mer when you look at booking a Jamaica vacation.

We are here to provide you with all the very best that other larger vacation companies are offering, we are every bit as good but just a wee bit smaller.

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