Seven Mile Beach Negril Jamaica

Seven Mile Beach – The perfect location for a vacation

A lot of people travel abroad each year for their annual holidays and they do so in search of sun, sea and sand.

The great thing about Negril in Jamaica is the fact that we have all three and in abundance. The Caribbean Sea, the constant sunshine and of course, when it comes to sand, we have the famous Seven Mile Beach.

To access the beach, you you come off the main thoroughfare of Norman Manley Boulevard.

Seven miles of sand?

Well, no! Not exactly. Seven Mile Beach is actually slightly more than four miles, that’s about 6.4 KM and runs from the Negril River in the south along to Rutland Point on the north.

What you will find on Seven Mile Beach

There is a fantastic website dedicated to Seven Mile Beach,, this tells you everything you need or want to know about the beach, what you will find there, what there is to do and see and of course, where you can go to get some food and drink.

Seven Mile Beach is a great place for a picnic, you mat want to take your own food along, find a nice sandy patch and just relax and enjoy the swaying palms, the gentle rocking of the waves and of course, Jamaica’s endless sunshine.

There are picnic tables, restrooms and showers along the beach, so your very much self sufficient on your trip out.

Take time to visit the Negril Lighthouse, you’ll see it perched on the southernmost tip of Jamaica, take your camera along as there are some excellent photographic opportunities.

To do and to see on Seven Mile Beach?

Seven Mile Beach Negril JamaicaThere are many things to do all along Seven Mile Beach. If you’ve done the snorkel and scuba diving, windsurfing and boat trips, then maybe you fancy a game of golf?

If so, Negril Hills Golf Club which is less than 2 miles away, this is an 18 holes, 5798 yards, par 72 and rated at 72.5.

If Golf isn’t your thing, you can visit the Kool Runnings Waterpark, Maximum Art Gallery, Negril Lighthouse, Negril Watershed Protection Area which is a nature sanctuary / wildlife reserve and many more things besides.

Check with the staff when you come and stay in a Jamaica villa at Villas Sur Mer, they will be happy to furnish you with all the information you require.

Check out the website for and see what is waiting for you on your Jamaica vacation.

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