St Valentine’s Day Jamaica

St Valentine’s Day Jamaica – Romance in Style

St valentine's Day Jamaica

St Valentine; Hero of the card industry and lovers all over the world.

St Valentine’s Day Jamaica; Is there anything different to St valentine’s day anywhere else in the world? But off course there is.

Who was St Valentine?

There are of course several legends, theories, stories, call them what you will. One of the most popular legends in that St valentine was a pries during the short reign of the Roman emperor Claudius II. Now, the story goes that Claudius banned marriage because he believed that soldiers who were single and without families to worry about  made better fighters.

Claudius, it was said, banned marriage and threatened anyone who defied his law with death. A christian priest, called Valentine carried on performing services and was ultimately caught and put to death. There are more stories but this link will give you the option of checking out the legends yourself.

No matter what reason we have to celebrate St valentines day, we have all gone through the same rituals. The card, flowers, chocolates etc, all from “someone special”.

Talking about cards; Did you know that St Valentine’s cards are second only to Christmas cards in the numbers that are sent each year? The numbers are staggering.

Why Jamaica for St Valentine’s Day?

I can actually think of many reasons to visit Villas Sur Mer overlooking the Negril Cliffs would get my vote.

I do not believe there is a more beautiful and dramatic backdrop to a romantic meal with somebody special than the views from the luxury villas and cottages at the boutique resort, Villas Sur Mer. The accommodation is of the very highest standard and the service is second to none.

This is one of the main reasons why Villas Sur Mer is a favourite for people looking for a destination wedding and honeymoon. Doing things in style is what we are known for and our location on the westernmost tip of the island of Jamaica can’t be topped.

There is, of course, the weather. Who wouldn’t want to walk along white sandy beaches beneath a bright yellow sun and clear blue skies?

But, no need to wait for a destination wedding or honeymoon. With St Valentines Day almost upon us, now is the time to book yourself some romantic luxury. Contact us at Villas Sur Mer and see what we have to offer you and that special other half for St valentines Day 2018.

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