What’s On in Negril? Reggae Marathon.

Reggae Marathon and Half Marathon in Negril, Jamaica

Reggae Marathon Jamaica

Come and run in the Reggae Marathon in Negril,

Its fun to run, so they say and one of the best runs in Jamaica has to be the Reggae marathon and half marathon.

This great event takes place in beautiful, sunny Negril which you will find on the western tip of Jamaica. This is a premier international event, people from all over the world will converge on Negril to take part in this prestigious race.

You don’t have to run in it. Its just a good to watch all the runners go by, happy to be part of a great spectacle. You can also listen to the fantastic reggae music that will help the day along.

When is the Marathon?

The Reggae Marathon will start at 5:15am local time on the 3rd of December 2016.

There will be plenty of support people around to help dish out water and re-hydration fluids at every mile, very important to keep the body hydrated.

Its not just the running that will keep the crowds going, there will also be other support events, such as the internationally rated ‘Gourmet Pasta Party’ and there is an exciting ‘Beach Bash’ party at the finishing line, that will definitely be well attended.

The Race

The Marathon, half marathon and 10K races all start at Long Bay Beach Park which you will find along the beautiful 7 Mile Beach. The races will take you through the town of Negril, you will then head north towards the town called Green Island.

This is an IAAF certified marathon and half marathon course. The weather should be about 76ºF 24.4ºC and rain is not expected.

Reggae Marathon Blog

This marathon is one event you really should attend when you come and stay with us at Villas Sur Mer, after all, it is right on the doorstep.

There is an excellent website for the Reggae Marathon that has all the information you need. There are also some excellent photographs.

If you are a runner and want to know ,ore about the race, travel, training and anything else then the Reggae Marathon website is where you need to go. Marathon link.

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